National Day Of…

National Day Of Sleeping

For some reason I’ve been tired all day. YAAAAAAWN!!! Lucky for me, 28th June is National Day Of Sleeping!!!

Now you have an excuse to skip your chores or maybe you just want to get some Z’s. Try to get some extra hours of sleep.

I’m just going to take a… little… nap. [snoring noises]

National Day Of M-Crew

27th June

Hey guys! This is something I haven’t done for ages – WRITE A NATIONAL DAY!

So here it is:  National Day of M-Crew!

M-Crew is an online gaming group that I am a part of, visit our channel here:

Here is our website:

My name is JimmyD1 which you will hear a lot in the videos.


National Day Of WE’RE BACK!!!

After not posting for over a year, we have to decided to continue the reign of National Days. The wordpress site isn’t as good so we are starting back here.

If you have any suggestions for national days, comment on the latest post and we might use it.

We will be working hard to bring this back to speed and we hope you enjoy!!!





National Day Of What

What is Awesome…

What is Bad…

What is today’s national Day…

No serious what is today’s national day?

National Day Of Klutzy The Crab

May 30

Klutzy The Crab’s species is the Club Penguin Crab (Clubpenguinus Crabus) and is coloured red. He rescued Herbert P. Bear when he was drowning and is now his apprentice for Herbert’s evil schemes. The PSA (now destroyed) & the EPF are still trying to find and capture this cunning crab.  

Do you know what game Klutzy is from?

National Day Of Keyboards

May 29

No. Not the musical instrument, the computer tool. Keyboards are very important because they do all of the following important things:

  • They are used to get to this website.
  • They are used to create national days, including National Day Of Keyboards.
  • They are used to type the letter ‘A’ (a).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘B’ (b).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘C’ (c).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘D’ (d).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘E’ (e). 
  • They are used to type the letter ‘F’ (f).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘G’ (g).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘H’ (h).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘I’ (i).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘J’ (j).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘K’ (k).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘L’ (l).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘M’ (m).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘N’ (n).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘O’ (o).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘P’ (p).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘Q’ (q).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘R’ (r).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘S’ (s).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘T’ (t).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘U’ (u).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘V’ (v).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘W’ (w).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘X’ (x).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘Y’ (y).
  • They are used to type the letter ‘Z’ (z).
  • They were use to type all of these important reasons.

What important things do you use your keyboard for???

National Day Of Dance

28 May

Do you dance? Hip Hop or Ballet? What type of dancing do you like? Break-dancing?

Well, instead of walking or running, DANCE! Dance your way to class, your work office, the pool and dance even when you go to bed!


National Day Of Yoda

27 May

National Day Of Yoda it is. Like Yoda you must talk. Defeat the Dark Side you must.

A Yoda-riffic National Day Of Yoda you shall have. 

If you don’t know how to read Yoda, keep reading:

It is National Day Of Yoda. You must talk like Yoda. You must defeat the Dark Side.

You shall have a Yoda-riffic National Day Of Yoda.

National Day Of No Punctuation

what a great national day we dont have to use any punctuation at all this is weird fun awesome and great all at the same time make sure when you spell check your writing today you look for any punctuation

awesome right

National Day Of Wizards

25 May

 Today, pretend to be a wizard. Give yourself a wizard name, like Merlin, fight pretend enimies & create a spell such as this:

Awestrem Wizzarpop Meedles (Turns yourself into an orsum wizard)

Abra Kadabra!!!

Natoinal Day Of Awesome Right?

24th of May

Have you realised that JimmyJet seems to be saying Awesome right a lot? Well if you haven’t here is an example…

Awesome Right?

Now is your time to be JimmyJet (sorta) and say Awesome Right after every example of something you say…

I am not going to say Awesome Right here because I bet you were thinking I was…


Awesome Right?

National Day Of Nintendo

23 May

Now, when you think of Nintendo, what do you think of??? Your Wii? Your DS? Well, when I think of Nintendo, I think of… GAMES!!! Nintendo has made a lot of games and now it is your turn to decide which one is best!!!

By the way, mine is Waluigi.

National Day Of …

22 May

No. I didn’t just put the title of this site up there. Today’s national day is all about . You may be confused why there are 4 dots. It is because there is a full stop (.).

Go pause in your sentences, write “…” in your sentences or even say … (dot dot dot) in your sentences!!!


National Day Of E-Mail

21th May

Have you checked your e-mail lately? Well now is the time to do it! You got one second…Times up..You were silly enough to keep reading this not reading your e-mails!

Bob is probably waiting for you to send that e-mail to him from last year…

So come on! Bob’s waiting!

National Day Of The Number ’20′

20 May

Today is the 20th so why not make that today’s national day.

20 is the only number to have every single one of these qualities:

  • It is a number
  • It has 2 numbers
  • It has a 2 in it
  • It has a 0 in it
  • It has a 2 & a 0 in it
  • It has a 2 before a 0
  • It has a 0 after a 2

What do you know about ’20′???

National Day Of Fans

19th May

Are you a fan of something? What is it? Tell the world your inner fan person! :) :D

Be the most #1 fan of something, anything! Trees, Dinosaurs, Leprechauns! Be the FAN.

Note: Don’t blame NDO if you think that National Day is weird, because they all are!!!!!!!!

National Day Of Bushes

18 May

Look a bush! Look, another bush! Wait a minute, there are heaps of bushes!

Count how many bushes you find today and comment below!!!

National Day Of Leprechauns

17th May

This National Day was requested by UnknownServer.

Well, leprechauns are supposed to be cute but in some shows they make them EVIL! But how could they? Leprechauns are those cute little men you see at the end of a rainbow (not to mention the pot of gold!)

So UnknownServer you have been begging us for days to make this day a National Day, and here it is all dedicated to you!

Also, to celebrate today everybody has got to do the leprechaun dance! WOOHOO!

National Day Of Weird Marriages

16 May

Today in history, in 1836, Edgar Allan Poe married his 13 year old cousin Virginia.

They don’t have to be on this day, but can you think of any other weird marriages? If you do, comment below…

National Day Of Lego

15 May

Today, make something out of lego. You could read the instructions and build something or be creative and do what I do, make your own creations from scratch. Comment what you built with your handy lego.

National Day Of Games

14th May

Games are fun aren’t they? There are games where you can live a simulated life, car racing, jumping, connecting dots and so many different types!  What’s your favourite game? Comment on this post telling the world about your favourite game! If possible put the link to the official site of the game. But of course you don’t have to do that, you could say that your favourite game is ‘Who can stay on NDO the longest with out leaving the computer or going to sleep!’ The current record is 3 days, 4 hours and 55 minutes. Can you beat that? If you do e-mail us or comment on this post and tell us your score! We would love to know and we would put you on our NDO World Records page. Check that page to see what the latest record is and see if you can beat it! GAME ON!

National Day Of Ben 10

13 May

Who is the funniest, freakiest, fastest, strongest hero that comes in every shape and size? It’s Ben 10. Ben 10 has 3 series: Ben 10, Alien Force & Ultimate Alien. In Series 1, he finds the Omnitrix. In Series 2, he breaks the Omnitrix and gets completely new aliens. In Series 3, he recieves the Ultimatrix and can transform aliens into their ultimate form.

Who is your favourite alien? (Mine is Chromostone)

Ben 10Ben 10 2

National Day Of Music

12th May

Music, THERE’S LOADS OF IT! There is a song about rain, magic, lamas, being lazy and by the looks of it, there is probably a song about hippies!

Well today is your day and tell  the world about YOUR music! Do you sing? Play an instrument? Show the world your talent and entertain your friends, parents or if you want EVERYONE!

It’s your time to shine, now take that chance!

National Day Of Roman Numerals

XI May

Today is National Day Of Roman Numerals. If you are going to use numbers in anything today, use Roman Numerals instead. If you don’t know how to use Roman Numerals, here is a quick guide:

1 – I

2 – II

3 – III

4 – IV

5 – V

6 – VI

7 – VII

8 – VIII

9 – IX

10 -X

11 – XI

12 – XII

13 – XIII

14 – XIV

15 – XV

16 – XVI

17 – XVII

18 – XVIII

19 – XIX

20 – XX

30 – XXX

40 – XL

50 – L

60 – LX

70 – LXX

80 – LXXX

90 – XC

100 – C

200 – CC

300 – CCC

400 – CD

500 – D

600 – DC

700 – DCC

800 – DCCC

900 – CM

1000 – M

11/5/2011 – XI/V/MMXI


Have a good National Day Of Roman Numerals!!!

National Day Of Wiki’s

1o May

Wiki’s are awesome right? They help you find all the info you need to know about something, a great example is a massive worldwide used wiki, I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about, NDO – WIKI of course! NationalDayOf – Wiki is were you get all the info about NDO. So for example, you can learn about Top Fan or the Clustr Map…

Go ahead try it out:

What the fans say:

WOW! I know so much about NDO that when my friends say something about NDO to me I know exactly what they they are talking about – MonkeyChunky

I love this wiki, out of all of them I think this one is my first or second favourite. I tell my friends about this site and the wiki, keep it up JimmyJet and Jpingu and Mr.NDO – Brickgentoo via e-mail.

National Day Of _____

9 May

What is today’s national day? You decide!!! Go through the past national days and pick one which you want to celebrate. It could be anything from National Day Of Artix Entertainment to National Day Of Hello.

Have a nice National Day Of _____!!!

National Day Of Artix Entertainment

8 May

Today, start a new account on one of the games in this list:

  1. Adventure Quest (abvvv)
  2. Dragon Fable (abvvv)
  3. Mech Quest  (abvvv)
  4. Adventure Quest Worlds (Guthix the 2nd)
  5. Warp Force (abvvv)
  6. Hero Smash (Joshandpingu)

Have a nice day!!!

National Day Of JimmJetJpingu’s Channel

7th May

Channel? What channel? OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL OF COURSE! Visit: for our great videos! More videos will be added as soon as it is possible…

So c’mon, go visit our channel and tell everyone about it!

National Day Of Colours

What colours can you see right now? Comment them all on this post. Have contests to see who can see the most colours and write them down in an amount of time.

Nioatnal Day Of Wrdos

5 May

I gesus you hvae rleiased taht the wrdos are not in the rghit oderr but you hvae aslo rleiased taht you can sltil raed tihs snteacne.

Aesmowe rghit?

National Day Of Zombies

4 May

Let thu innur zombee owt! Speek leyek ay zombee four thu dae! Goe too Zombatar two mayk ay zombee yoo! Xampels bloe!

Dumbledore Zombie Dumbell Dor

Hulk Zombie Holk

Ben Franklin Zombie BN Franclen

For those that can’t understand Zombie language:

Let the inner zombie out! Speak like a zombie for the day! Go to Zombatar to make a zombie you! Examples below!

Dumbledore Zombie Dumbledore

Hulk Zombie Hulk

Ben Franklin Zombie Ben Franklin

These Zombatars were created by me, Jpingu.


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